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Note: All FINRA (NASD) exams are continually being updated.
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The FINRA Series 82 Limited Representative-Private Securities Offerings Qualification Exam is used to qualify individuals to be a registered representative and effect sales of private securities offerings as part of a primary offering.

Accordingly, Series 82 representatives will not be permitted to engage in secondary market trading of private placement securities or to make sales of municipal or government securities, or equity interests in, or the debt of, direct participation programs (DPP securities).

No prerequisite $90 test fee (Form U-4) 2 1/2 hour time limit

The Series 82 Private Securities Offerings exam covers the following topics:

 Test Topics

Approximate Test Questions

Characteristics of Corporate Securities
Regulation of the Market for Registered and Unregistered Securities
Analyzing Corporate Securities and Investment Planning
Handling Customer Accounts and Industry Regulations
Total 100 questions  


Series 82 Exam Study Text


Study Text

Series Exam Study Text


The 3-ring binder study program has 250+ pages and is divided into the four categories of the exam.  Within each category are quizzes emphasizing key points.  Four 100-point Final Exams complete the program.  Over 650 questions and all questions have detailed explanations!


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