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The Use Of A Professional Consultant Oftentimes Allows You To Complete The Finra(Nasd) Broker-Dealer Registration Process In An Efficient Way

Registration as a Broker Dealer ("B/D") takes about 90 days -- if the necessary exams have been completed and the firm is adequately capitalized.

Paperwork is filed with FINRA, each state in which the firm conducts its business, and with the SEC. "FINRA" is Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and "SEC" is the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Here are some of the reasons to use a Professional Consultant:

PRIOR to filing an application you must consider:

  • What type of entity will the firm choose to be?
    • Corporation, Partnership, LLC?
  • What type of broker-dealer operation will the firm be?
    • Full-service Broker Dealer with all general securities?
    • Limited Broker Dealer selling:
      • mutual funds -- limited partnerships -- corporate securities?
  • Will the firm maintain a "clearing" or "fully disclosed" agreement with another firm?
    • Which firm?
  • What types of securities registrations will the broker-dealer personnel be required to maintain?
  • Will the firm be required to employ a Financial and Operations Principal?
  • What are the minimum net capital requirements?

…And many other strategic decisions …


Some of the key steps in setting up a B/D are:

  • Receive, complete, and send your application to FINRA
  • Have your application assigned to an examiner in the FINRA District Office
  • Provide additional support to the examiner
  • Create a Business Plan
  • Pass the appropriate FINRA exams. These generally include:
    • Series 7 Exam -- General Securities Representative
    • Series 24 Exam -- General Securities Registered Principal 
    • Series 27 Exam -- Financial Operations Principal 
    • Series 63 Exam -- Uniform State Laws
  • Attend a Pre-Membership Interview ("PMI")
  • Respond to a Voluntary Restriction Letter
  • Director Review
  • District Conduct Committee Review
  • File with State Securities Commissioners

Make sure your application moves as swiftly and easily as possible through the registration process.

Sometimes B/Ds are available for purchase. You may want to review this site.


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